Ide Masa Depan

Kompetisi ini bukanlah kompetisi biasa. Sebuah kompetisi tentang penglihatan masa depan. Dimana mereka bertarung dalam pembuatan desain yang diintegrasikan dengan teknologi baru dan dalam segi fleksibelitas. Intinya, kompetisi ini diharapkan desain yang mereka buat dapat terealisasi secara nyata pada kehidupan masa depan.

Kompetisi ini diadakan oleh eVolo magazine yang bertajuk ‘2012 Skycraper Competition’.

First Place: The Himalaya Water Tower is a skyscraper located high in the mountain range that serves to store water and helps regulate its dispersal to the land below as the mountains natural supplies dry up.

Second Place: The Mountain Band-Aid project seeks to simultaneously restore the displaced Hmong mountain people to their homes and work as it restores the mountain ecology of the Yunnan range

Third Place: The building called Vertical Landfill acts as a reminder of the outrageous amount of rubbish produced and includes a power plant that converts energy from the waste

The Citadel Skyscraper project is imagined for Japan because of the numerous natural and manmade disasters that have struck the region in recent years

The 'Plastic Fish Tower', a circular structure floating on the ocean surface within the Great Pacific Garbage Patch will collect and reprocess plastic for energy

'Noah's Ark' is a self-sustainable city on the water that can support all living species, from humans to animals and fish to plants and trees, that have been evicted from land by natural disasters and warfare


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